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How to Whiten the face and Whiten body

How to Whiten the face and Whiten body, had white faces and vibrantly clean, as well as healthy white body is sure to be the dream of many people, let alone free from Acne or blackheads. For some women, somehow wanted face and white skin. For those who have lots of money, the desire to have a face and clean white skin is not necessarily a problem. However, for less, could try To Whiten the face and how to whiten using agency materials we encounter all around us.
How to Whiten faces

How to Whiten the face of Beauty is a very valuable asset for a woman. Beauty is not only used to appeal to the heart of a male beauty alone, but also very necessary in today. No wonder if women do anything that could make her look beautiful. Many people consider beautiful it must have a white face and smooth. If so, here's how to Whiten the face we can try to make us more beautiful and fascinating.

How to Whiten the face with honey and lemon.

Prepare the original honey and lemon juice to taste. Mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with 1 tablespoon of honey, then stir until evenly distributed. Before you sleep, apply this mixture to the face and let sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. Clean the face and rinse with warm water and then you go to sleep.
How to Whiten the face with milk.

The milk turned out to have many benefits. Milk can eliminate black spots and can improve the skin tone perfectly. Using them is also very easy way, pour a few drops of milk on the cloth, then apply on the face until evenly distributed. Milk will remove dead skin cells and will make the face more clean white. Don't forget to membilasnya before you sleep
How to Whiten the face with lemon and egg whites.

Egg white indeed has many benefits, the following can help eliminate acne, egg whites can also help whiten the face. the trick; combine lime juice, flat with the egg white. apply this mixture to the face and leave it until it dries our. After approximately 15 minutes, rinse using cold water.
How to Whiten the face with avocado

Avocado turns out to contain a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, potassium, niacin, pantotenik acid, and protein that is not usually found in fruit. All of these substances is useful for their beauty and healthy skin. The Trick; Rub it gently into the Avocado face and leave for 15 minutes. If it is then wash using cold water.
How To Whiten Body

How to whiten the Agency as a whole did not get done are instant, we must perform routine maintenance. To mendapatka body shower milk white, maybe we can make it as the first step to get the body in white. In addition to bath milk, Luluran every day can also whiten our agency. That's a little tips on how to whiten the face and how to whiten body. Tentumya can all we have to do way way above regularly and wait.

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