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History of the Smartphone

Personal digital helper (English: Personal Digital Assistant; PDA) is a computer-based electronic devices and small form and can be taken anywhere. PDAs are widely used as a personal organizer at first, but because of its development, then multiply its utility function, such as a calculator, clock and timing pointer, computer games, accessed the internet, receiving and sending electronic mail (e-mail), radio receiver, video recorder, and a memo recorder. In addition, the PDA (pocket computer),

Sejarah Singkat PDA dan Smartphone we can use the address book and save the address, read e-books, using GPS and many other functions. Even a more sophisticated version of the PDA can be used as a mobile phone, internet access, intranet, or extranet via Wi-Fi or wireless network. A distinctive feature is the ultimate PDA touch screen facility. PDA first appeared in 1986 with the launch of the Psion Organiser II. The first PDA is shaped like a handheld computer equipped with a keyboard and a small screen. Coupled with basic features such as alarm, clock, calendar, calculator, and telephone. It could be concluded PDA is a merger between the mobile phone with PC. In 1993, Apple launched the Newton MessagePad products with features that are more comprehensive than ever before, such as additional digital notes, agendas, and others. Features of Newton latter is used as the standard for PDA applications, including highly sensitive touch screen and an external memory slot. However, in 1998, Newton's Apple stopped production because of its too great, the price is expensive and its use is complicated. In 1996, the PalmPilot Palm Computing introduces a cheaper price, shapes fit in a pocket, and uses AAA batteries so it is more efficient and easier to use. Furthermore, these products have a larger memory capacity to store contacts, notes and agenda. Not to be outdone, in November 1996, Microsoft launched Windows CE which was later adopted by a number of computer companies such as HP, Casio, Compact, etc.. Recent developments, PDAs more often used as a means of wireless communication. Features offered also now refers more to support the lifestyle of consumers as users of the internet. As handheld computers, PDA has a processor and an operating system just like a regular computer. This operating system is the main software on the PDA. Sitem works the same way as operations on the computer such as Windows XP or Mac OS, but is designed specifically for PDAs. There are two similarities PDA operating system on the Palm and Pocket PC (Windows Mobile). Both work with different software programs, so even contains many documents such as pictures, music and others that can be used but not on programming. In the data storage without the memory card, the data stored in RAM to the size of tens of megabytes, while the source of energy is derived from the battery (formerly A3) refills. Besides, we can also use an adapter that plugs into an AC wall outlet. Along with the development of lifestyle, PDA position itself as a medium that can access all the needs, ranging from telecommunications, information and education. In addition, the PDA can also be used to view and edit documents (word, excel, power point)
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